New Years Repentance

It's a new year. Time for your new years repentance. What is that? Not repentance? Are you sure? Ah, I see where you are confused. So, the term is resolution, new years resolution. The declaration to change something about yourself you don't like.

This year I am going to lose weight!

This year I am going to be nicer!

This year I am going to wear Purple Parachute Pants!

Well, as Christians this sure looks a lot like Repentance.

Lord I confess I love food too much!

Lord I confess I am a jerk!

Lord I confess I have horrible fashion sense. ok, maybe not this last one.

Why is this important? Why do we declare at the new year that change needs to happen? New Year, new beginnings. Although in the eyes of a non-believer this resolution really is just attempting to make things right, so often they fall by the wayside really quickly.

Consider this lovely conversation around the water cooler on January 12.

Bob: Hey Kevin, make any new years resolutions this year?

Kevin: Hey Bob, uh, yeah, you know the usual.

Bob: Purple Para-

Kevin: Shh! I told you that in confidence, don't say it outloud!

Bob: Right, sorry. (whisper) So not the, you know, PPP?

Kevin: not that one- That's just on Saturdays. No, the diet, this year I am going to lose 50 pounds.

Bob: Good for you.

Kevin: Yeah, thanks! Really excited.

Bob: You want a donut? Joe in Accounting brought in a 24 pack of Dunkin Donuts Cherry Glazed Gargantuan Donut Holes.

Kevin: Oooh, yeah, but maybe just 2, gotta watch my weight.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we see a beautifully clear image of repentance.

"and My people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

To turn from sin, that is repentance, it is not enough to say "I am a sinner" we need to say it and then do a 180 and walk towards God. This is repentance, resolution is just diet christianity, it is empty promises and emptier lives. Repentance brings about a full life lived in Jesus Christ.

Loving you this new year,


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