A Praying Challenge

I know I have written some on Praying this past week and if you read it nice job. If you understood it all . . . could you explain it to me? Just kidding, look I know that Prayer is a tough thing to do especially when you are so easily distracted . . . I'm not looking at anyone in particular here. *COUGH BUBBA COUGH JUJU* Sorry bout that. I've never coughed on a blog before, I've coughed on paper, but I threw it away. Gross. Ew.

So click this link right here. Did it work? Oh, you clicked on it and are now on that site. I will wait while you come back. <whistles> <plays game> <really no time passes because that is silly>

You're probably wondering why I linked you over to an article about bees polinating Cactus and it really being like returning to the motherland for them. No? Good then you actually know I sent you to KTIS Prayerworks. Not sure if you have heard them talk about it, but I want to give you a challenge as I mentioned in the catchy title. Pick one prayer request, I recommend a small one and one that doesn't seem too weighty.

Here is an example of one I just found:

Jesus please I need a couple miracles. I know you are able. In your precious name.

Don't overthink it. We don't know anything about this requestor. We know nothing of their situation.

"Lord God, I live up this anonymous prayer request to you, you know what needs to be done, I pray your will be done in their lives and that they would have peace. In Jesus name, Amen."

Did, you pray with me? Awesome, I am going to go back and Click that I prayed for this request.

Now, I want you to look through some of these, stop and pray for a few of them, mark on the site that you did so. It's not so God knows you prayed, he does, it is so the requestor can be encouraged that they have support. This my children, is the Body of Christ, strangers praying for strangers, believing that God can and will and does answer prayer.

There is a part 2. It's not a gotcha, but may be uncomfortable. I hope you share prayer requests with your small group at church, I want you to share prayer requests with each other and mom and I. Let us know how we can pray for and with each other. Then do it! Stop what you are doing, unless you are driving a car or doing cpr and pray. Remember it doesn't have to be eloquent and wordy, it should reflect our hearts. It's okay to stumble in prayer, it's okay to ask, or plead, with the Holy Spirit to pray for you.

God wants your heart, not the heart of a well heeled doctor of "Prayology" which none of us are. So let him hear your heart. Pray in Jesus Name as we have access to God only through his Son. (john 14:6, ephesians 3:12, hebrews 4:14-16)

Let me know how it goes.

Loving you,


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