A Love Letter to My Children

This is not because I am dying, I'm not, so don't freak out. This blog idea came to me tonight as I am "working", which just means I am sitting at a table in the hallway of the PSF, waiting for a few stragglers to come in for their shift...it's riveting work.

Pastor Dan was talking today about being ready for the return Christ as Anna and Simeon were at the first coming. This was not the first time I had heard this message in the last 24 hours. In talking with Uncle M over the weekend he mentioned the quote from R.C. Sproul before his passing. I don't know the exact verbage, but it was something about the Bible talking about those outside the gate (very similar to the guests of the bridegroom being locked out of the wedding feast because they foolishly did not bring enough oil.) The words the Bible uses are "there was weeping and gnashing of teeth". RC brought up that those Weeping are doing so because they know they deserve to be where they are, those gnashing their teeth believe that they do not deserve it. RC then said what shook me, If I discover that I have been deceiving myself this who time I will be one Weeping. I didn't "" it because I don't know the exact words, Mrs. H.

So, with those two seemingly seperate but wholly similar experiences in my heart I decided to write my children a love letter of sorts. I call it a love letter because I can think of nothing greater than sharing with those I love the one Love I have that surpasses my love for them. So this is where I will share theology and my understanding of the Bible, may it not be wrong.



December 13, 2020

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